Michigan Legends Cars

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Legends Prices

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2013 Legends Price Guide

Michigan Legends Cars
551 W Columbia
Mason, MI 48854
Phone: 517-244-1042
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Models Available

1934 Ford Coupe           $14,430

1934 Ford Sedan             $14,430

1937 Ford Sedan            $14,430

1937 Ford Coupe           $14,430

1940 Ford Coupe           $14,430


1934 Chevy Coupe        $14,430

1937 Chevy Sedan          $14,430

1937 Chevy Coupe         $14,430


1937 Dodge Sedan         $14,430

1937 Dodge Coupe         $14,430

3-Pass Oil Cooler With Fan
Lexan Windshield
Right Side Motor Mount
Double Shear Rear End Housing
One-Piece Solid Axles
Springs of Your Choice
Roll Bar Padding
Steel Braided Fuel Line
Engine upgrade - pinned camshaft
Engine upgrade Steel sleeves, HD valve springs
OVER $3,000 in FREE UPGRADES!!!!!!!

Stewart Warner Memory Tach      $315.00
Oil Pressure Gauge                         $102.00
Oil Temperature Gauge                   $88.00
Digital Gear Indicator                      $250.00
Performance Accessories
Brake Adjusting Valve                    $130.00
Carbotech Front Brake Pads           $116.00
Carbotehc Rear Shoes                    $55.00
Axxis Front Pads                             $79.99
Mintex Front Pads                           $69.99
Brembro Brake Rotors                     $100.00
Racing Mirror                                  $60.00

Bassett Racing Wheels

Black/Silver                                       $170.00
Aero 13 Pound Wheels

Ignition System Upgrade  Package
Red Box, Red Coils and Wires $587.49
Engine Upgrades
Heavy Duty Clutch Kit          $199.00
Billet Clutch Basket               $445.00
(Available for Road Racing Only)
Engine Cooling
Naca Duct Installed In Hood           $25.00
Lower Air Duct                                 $80.00
Bumper or Fender Scoop                $56.00
Air Scoop For Front Horns              $44.99
Aluminum O/F Mount w/Filter        $51.00
(Not Needed if Remote Filter is Installed)
Remote Oil Filter                               $219.00

Driver Comfort / Appearance
Single Color Paint Job                      $500.00
Custom Paint Chassis                     $200.00
Paint Interior Sheet Metal              $150.00
Driveshaft Tunnel Cover Pad         $42.50
(Red, Black or Blue)
Interior Door Pads                            $160.00
(Red, Black or Blue)

Wheels                                            $124.00
Grill                                                   $80.00
Bumpers                                            $130.00
Nerf Bar Uprights                            $120.00
Road Racing Package
Battery Kill Switch Kit                     $60.00
Brake Lights                                    $175.00
Oil Catch Can                                   $31.85
Steel Fuel Cell                                  $512.00
Captured Heim Kit                           $140.00
Remote Fire System                         $465.00
Upgrade to Spooled Gear    $439.00


Series Sponsors

Sawyers Chevrolet
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Wix Filters
NGK Spark Plugs
Joie of Seating

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